Things To Keep In Mind Before Tiling Your Home

Selecting a new floor can be daunting. It is challenging to zero in on the right tile even after you have made your final selection, because there are so many different varieties to choose from.  Even after you have purchased your new tiles, there are quite a few things you have to remember before you actually start laying the tiles. Listed are the five must things you have knowledge of before you lay the tiles.

1. Are Ceramic Tile Suitable for Your home?

Ceramic tiles have many advantages they are very strong and easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles can really contain the cold, especially during the winter months. Keeping this in mind the basement might not be the right place to place them. Some of these tiles can be slippery too. Hence it is always better that for the entryway at least; you should select a variety that is more slip-resistant.

2.  Select the right Size, Style and Texture

There are various shapes and sizes for ceramic tiles, ranging from one inch to two feet.  Choosing the right size is actually easier than you might think.  Figuring out the size of your room is the key to the right selection.
These days there plenty of ceramic tiles that you can choose. Once you decide about the type of look you want, it becomes easy to narrow down your options.  If you want a rustic, natural look then you might want a rugged, natural type of tile instead of a more polished finished. Always choose a tile which matches the texture of your rooms theme the best.

3. Decide on Grout Width and Color

The cement mis called grout is colored in such a way that it matches the color scheme of the tiles.  It is the filler between the tiles, so choose a grout with width and color suitable to the atmosphere of the room.

4. Installation Materials and Methods

With the help of different installation methods and a successful installation really depends on the materials used as well as the energy and patience behind the work.  Do ensure that your preparation is proper and you have all the materials you need ready and at hand.  The material that you purchase should be of high quality, grout (as discussed above), a sealer, bonding material, and the right equipment so that the project goes off smoothly.

5.  Maintenance

These tiles are very easy as floors to clean and if well maintained, they usually retain their shiny, new appearance for many many years.  For cleaning these tiles, all you really need is water or any household cleaning solution.  Start off by removing the dirt and grime with a broom or vacuum cleaner after which, use a sponge or mop for applying the mixture of water and cleaner to the tiles.  All very simple indeed!

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